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CIC NDT offers inspection services using industry standard flaw detectors and ultrasonic phased array equipment. We can also develop custom equipment for non standard inspections as part of our consultancy service.


CIC NDT are routinely inspecting:

   • Ocean racing and super yachts (hull, mast, keel).

   • Composites for Oil and Gas applications

   • Aerospace components (monolithic, cored, radius components).

   • Wind turbine blades (monolithic, cored).

   • Steel structure for corrosion mapping/monitoring.

If your application or requirement is not listed on this website please contact us - we have probably tested something similar and can advise you on how to proceed.


We travel extensively worldwide. Our mission is to offer a fast response to your enquiry, delivering a high quality and reliable inspection service based on strong customer support and technical rigour.


Aloft inspection of carbon fibre rigging

CIC NDT routinely perform in-service inspection of composite and metallic structures. Known production defects can be monitored and checked during the service life of the structure.  In-service damage can be assessed and detailed information on the size, exact location and type of defect can be provided. NDT can then be used to assess the quality of repairs to the structure.


Composite mast inspection

Ultrasound inspection of components during production can give reassurance to both the manufacturer and customer that the structure has been built as the designer intended. Inspection during prototyping can also bring many benefits; allowing the manufacturer to quickly identify potential production problems and assess various material properties before full-scale production starts.


Phased array wheel probe

CIC NDT have a large inventory of inspection equipment including an immersion scanning tank and a wide range of portable equipment. We are utilizing and developing inspection techniques for the following equipment:


   • Ultrasonic flaw detectors for high and low frequency inspections.

   • Ultrasonic phased array equipment.

   • Immersion ultrasonic scanning systems.

   • Bond testing equipment (resonance, acoustic pitch-catch, mechanical impedance).


CIC NDT also regularly hires equipment from all the major NDT suppliers as required by the customer or application.

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