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BondHub II

BondHub II

  • Description

    High Performance Ultrasonic Inspection Instrument

    Measure the mechanical strength of bonds ultrasonically with the BondHub II. The BondHub II system consists of a computer, scanner drivers, and displays combined with the power of our Bondascope 3100.

    The BondHub’s operating software includes industry standard bond testing methods and provides the freedom for the operator to choose which test method to utilize on each test object. The available modes include Pitch/Catch, MIA (Mechanical Impedance Analysis), and Resonance.

    Ultrasonic Testing on a Wide Range of Materials

    The BondHub II excels at composite materials testing. While these materials have been used in aviation for many years, many new processes and materials have been introduced in the last decade to improve the consistency and reliability of these composites. However, the technologies needed to inspect composite materials have lagged. Fortunately, that’s changing quickly thanks to instruments like the BondHub II.

    The BondHub II works very well on multi-layered laminates, glass fiber/carbon fiber composites, honeycomb and foam cores, metal to metal bonding, and adhesively bonded fittings. Typical defects revealed include delaminations, disbonds, crushed core, skin to core flaws, far-side defects, impact damage, liquid ingress, and more.

    Power and Flexibility

    The BondHub II connects directly to the Bondascope 3100 and combines the Bondascope’s Amplitude and Phase Angle data with the XY encoder inputs from any scanner to create a C-Scan image. Data Analysis Tools, such as defect sizing, multiple gates, adjustable Null, and reporting capabilities are all on board.

    The BondHub II is a battery-operated system, compact and easily deployable. With its sun readable screen, it is perfect for the outdoor environment and is compatible with bond testers from other manufacturers.


    Accessories: Resonance probes, MIA probes, Pitch-Catch probes, protective carry case, manual and automatic scanners



    • Standard package includes BondHub integrated in Pelican style case, batteries, AC charger (110-240V), user manual. Windows 7, 1GHz processor, 128GB solid state HDD, CompVu software, keyboard, mouse, 12” sunreadable display*

    • C-scan Imaging using Resonance, Pitch-Catch and Mechanical Impedance (MIA) mode

    • No couplant required for Pitch-Catch and MIA modes

    • Connects directly to Bondascope 3100 and manual or automatic scanners

    • Image Analysis, defect sizing, multiple gates, reporting

    • Portable, battery operated system, large sunreadable screen

    • Compatible with bond testers from other manufacturers

    * Bondascope 3100, probes, probe cables and scanners not included



    • Integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures

    • Multi-layered laminates, glass fiber/ carbon fiber composites, honeycomb and foam cores, metal to metal bonding, adhesively bonded fittings

    • Delaminations, disbonds, crushed core, skin to core flaws, far-side defects, impact damage, liquid ingress and more

  • Specifications

    Physical/Case Weight 25lb (11kg)
      Dimensions (W x H x D)

    7.5" x 18.0" x 14.0"

    (191mm x 457mm x 356mm)

      Operating Temperature

    15°F to 158°F

    (-10°C to 70°C)

      Case Construction Integrated in Pelican style case with vibration isolation
      Connector Type USB, DVI, Multi-pin scanner connector
    PC Processor 1GHz
      HDD 128GB Solid State
      Operating System Windows 7
      Peripherals Mini-keyboard with trackpad and separate mouse
      Display Type Color TFT LCD sun readable 1200nit
      Display Size

    800 x 600 pixels

    12.1" (307mm) diagonal

    Operational Modes Resonance
        MIA (Mechanical Impedance Analysis)
      Frequency Range 250Hz to 1.5MHz
      Display Modes C-scan - Phase, Magnitude, or Additive views
        Impedance Plane (Flying Dot) - Direct representation of bond tester screen
        Strip Chart - Rectangular real-time streaming of outputs
      Display Analysis Retrace position of all dots acquired
        Flaw sizing - length area
        Changeable gates in post-processing, save scan plans, user setups, etc.
        Auto and user defined scaling, mm/inch units, move scanner to position
      Image Output Format BMP

    Box, ring, sectorial individually sizable gates.

    LED and audible alarms 

    Power Source Power Source Two Li-Ion batteries or AC charger (110-240V)
      Battery Life 4-5 hours
    Certification   Factory Calibration
    Warranty   1 year
    Compatibility Bond Testers Bondascope 3100
        Other Manufacturer’s bond testers
      Scanners Manual Scanners: StringScan, SlideScan
        Automatic Scanners: CrosScan, TunnelScan


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