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CrosScan Two-Axis Scanner

CrosScan Two-Axis Scanner

  • Description

    High-Precision Portable Scanner Solution

    The CrosScan is a high precision two-axis automated scanner with the ability to operate on flat or curved surfaces. A unique feature of this scanner is that it may be run on batteries or AC current making the CrosScan very portable and easily deployable. The on-board vacuum systems allow for solid adherence to any surface. The CrosScan is capable of high-speed C-Scan data acquisition which cuts down on cycle times. Typical applications include in-service composite and metal flaw detection or thickness mapping in the aerospace and composites industries.


    Accessories: Batteries, umbilical cables, external battery charger and reconditioning unit



    • Standard package includes CrosScan scanner, MCU-1 battery control unit, 15ft interface cable and AC charger

    • X-Y automated motorized scanner

    • Suction cup or magnetic feet

    • Lightweight

    • Liquid feed

    • Works on flat or curved surfaces

    • Compatible with Raptor C-scan imaging



    • Composite inspection

    • Flaw detection mapping

    • Thickness mapping

    • Flat panels



  • Specifications

    Physical/Case Weight 10lb (4.5kg)
      Dimensions (W x H x D)

    29" x 29" x 5"

    (734mm x 734mm x 127mm)

      Operating Temperature

    15°F to 105°F

    (-10°C to 40°C)

      Case Construction Aluminum
      Attachment Suction cups or magnetic feet
      Cable Length 15ft (4.57m) standard
    Scan Scan Length

    X 18" (457mm)

    Y 15" (381mm)

      Scan Resolution 0.02in (0.5mm)
      Scan Speed 8in/s (203mm/s)
      Minimum Radius Flat or slightly curved panels
    Operation   Motorized Directional Control
        Liquid Feed
    Power Source   Battery Operated from external MCU-1 battery control unit or AC
      Battery Life 10 hours
    Certification   Factory Calibration
    Warranty   1 year


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