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Sonatest Prisma

Sonatest Prisma



  • Description

    Sonatest Prisma - Simplicity, Capability, Reliability


    As simple as you want:

    • 30 Second Configuration

    • Single Hand Operation

    • Interactive Help & 3D Views

    • Configuration & Calibration Wizards

    • "Parameter Genius" for Additional Guidance

    • Minimize Training with a Common User Interface


    As capable as you need:

    • UF, TOFD & PA Inspection Modes

    • Unique Cursors for Precision Measurement

    • Recordability: Screen Shots, Full Data Recording, Fully Traceable

    • UT Studio - Fast and Dynamic Reporting

    • Over 25 Customized Imaging Layouts to Choose From


    Formats Available:
    Prisma UT
    Prisma UT + TOFD
    Prisma UT + PA
    Prisma UT + PA + TOFD

    Upgradeable anytime, anywhere.


    The prisma is the latest product from Sonatest’s technician focussed product development and research. An advanced ultrasonic flaw detector offering the technician an extremely comprehensive tool for test and measurement, which can be upgraded to include TOFD and Phased Array capability. An upgrade can be carried out wherever you are, there is no need to return the instrument, eliminating any downtime.


    Simple controls, superior performance, advanced features and a rugged enclosure deliver simplicity, capability and reliability to the technician’s finger tips.


    With the best display size and resolution in it’s category, the prisma provides the end user with an intuitive and workflow driven interface, excellent imaging capability uses the Full screen mode allowing 100% of the display to be used for Scan Imaging. Numerous palettes are accessible for all scan types “see things how you want to”, in amplitude or depth C-Scans, customise your palettes. Take full advantage of the advanced display modes which include smoothing, contouring and averaging all available to enhance your signal quality.


    The prisma is constructed to exacting standards using a rigid, shock mounted, internal chassis surrounded by an impact absorbing enclosure and designed to meet IP66; which ensures the unit is fully sealed against fine dust and jets of water.


    Typical applications are broad but include Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.

  • Specifications

      Conventional UT Phased Array
    Configuration 2 UT Channels 16:16 or 16:64
    Test Mode Pulse-Echo, Transmit Receive and TOFD Pulse-Echo, Transmit/Receive
    Transducer Socket LEMO 1 or BNC I-PEX
    Pulse Voltage -100V to -450V (10V Steps) -25V to -75V (5V Steps)
    PRF 1Hz to 1500Hz 1 Hz to 5000 Hz
    Pulse Shape Negative Square Wave (with ActiveEdge) Negative Square Wave (with ActiveEdge)
    Pulse Width Adjustable: Spike to 2000ns (2.5 ns resolution) Adjustable: Spike to 1000ns (2.5 ns resolution)
    Edge Time 15 ns in 50 Ω load @200 V 12 ns in 50 Ω load @50 V
    Output Impedance <10Ω
    Trigger Synchronisation On encoder resolution or internal PRF (both encoded or not) On encoder resolution or internal PRF (not encoded)
    Focus Delay Range n/a 0 to 10 μs (2.5 ns resolution)
    Damping Resistor Selectable: 50 Ω or 400 Ω n/a
    Gain Range 100 dB (0.1 dB steps) Analogue Gain 0 to 76 dB (0.1 dB steps), Analogue Gain
    Max Input Voltage 25 Vp-p 200 mVp-p
    Input Impedance 1 kΩ (pitch and catch) 200 Ω
    Bandwidth 200 kHz to 22 MHz (-3 dB) 200 kHz to 14 MHz
    Analog Filters 4 (automatic or manual) 3 (automatic)
    Digital Filters 10 (automatic or manual) 10 (automatic or manual)
    Rectification Full wave, positive, negative, none (RF) Full wave, positive, negative, none (RF)
    Signal Enhancement Digital filters, Smoothing, Contouring, Rejection, Averaging Digital filters, Smoothing, Contouring, Rejection
    Focus Delay Range n/a to 10μs (16ns resolution interpolated to 3.8ns)
    Data Acquisition    
    Architecture 2 channels, true 200 MHz sampling rate 16 Channels, Full digital Delay & Sum
    Digitizer Resolution 12 bit ADC 12 bit ADC
    Amplitude Measurement [0% to 100%] or [0% to 150%] FSH [0% to 100%] or [0% to 150%] FSH
    Data Processing 16 bits/sample 16 bits/sample
    Data Recording Full raw data recording (plus sub-sampling options) Full raw data recording (plus sub-sampling options)
    File Size up to 3 GB up to 3 GB
    Digitizing Frequency 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz 65 MHz
    Focal Laws n/a 128
    Focusing Mode n/a Natural or constant depth/path/offset
    Max A-Scan Length 8192 samples 4096 samples
    Sub-Sampling 1:1 to 1:128 1:1 to 1:128
    Reference Initial Pulse or Gate/IFT supported Initial Pulse or Gate/IFT supported
    Trigger Sync. Encoder or Internal Encoder or Internal
    Scan & Views    
    Supported Scans A-Scan & TOFD S-Scan or L-Scan
    Number of Scans up to 2 (with up to 3 extracted A-Scans)
    Views A, B, C-Scan, Merged & TOFD A, B, C, L, S-Scan, Merged plus true TOP & END
    Color Maps up to 10 up to 10
    Number of Layouts 18 35
    Cursor Type Cartesian, Hyperbolic (TOFD) Cartesian, Extraction Box, Angular
    Measurements Path Length, Depth, Surface Distance, DAC, AWS, DGS Path Length, Depth, Surface Distance, DAC, AWS


      Conventional UT Phased Array
    DAC & TCG    
    DAC points 16 16
    DAC 1 with 3 "sub DACs" 1 with 3 “sub DACs” per focal Law
    TCG points 16 16
    Gain Range 60 dB 40 dB
    Max Gain Slope 60 dB/μs 50 dB/μs
    A-Scan Gates 4 gates per A-Scan 4 gates per A-Scan (3 extracted A-Scans per S/L-Scan)
    Gate Trigger Flank/Peak Flank/Peak
    S/L-Scan n/a 1 Extraction Box
    Alarm LED 2 (sync on all gates & DACs) 2 (sync on all gates & DACs)
    Measurements (A-Scan) Peak & Flank (FSH, dB, Depth, Beam Path Length, Surface Distance), Echo-to-Echo, Floating Gates (reference from IFT) Peak & Flank (FSH, dB, Depth, Beam Path Length, Surface Distance), Echo-to-Echo, Floating Gates (reference from IFT)


    Interface & Reporting  
    Integrated Help Active help & parameter description / Optimisation Remote Connection Onboard VNC Server and FTP Server (connection th
    Remote Connection Onboard VNC Server and FTP Server (connection through Ethernet protocol)
    Wizards Configuration, Velocity and Zero, Wedge Delay, Sensitivity, TCG, DAC, DGS, Element Activation, Encoder
    Languages (dynamic) Selectable: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese
    Report Generation PDF Report (includes customer logo, scan acoustic parameters, measurements, etc.), PNG screen capture.
    PDF Reader Allows viewing any uploaded PDF file, scan plan, procedures, old reports etc.
    Inputs & Outputs  
    Encoder 1 or 2 axis encoding (quadrature input)
    Digital Inputs 2 input lines (5V TTL)
    Digital Outputs 4 Output lines (5V TTL, 20 mA) for alarm or other external contro
    Power Output 5V, 350 mA, current limited
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 205mm x 300mm x 90 mm
    Weight 3.5 kg (with battery)
    Display Size 8.4 inch (diagonal)
    Display Resolution 800 x 600
    Display Colors 260k (65535 colours for scan palettes)
    Display Type TFT LCD, 450 Cd/m2, with 2% reflectivity
    USB ports 3 USB Master ports
    Ethernet 100 Mbps
    Battery & Power Supply  
    Battery Type Intelligent Li-ion
    Number of Batteries 1
    Operation On battery or on External power (DC Power Pack)
    Battery Replacement Yes, no tools required
    Battery Recharge Recharge in unit (with unit On or OFF) - External Battery Charger (std) (as per EN16392)
    Battery Life Typical: 7 hours in UT mode, 6 hours in PA mode
    IP Rating Designed to meet IP66
    Operating Temperature -10ºC to 45ºC (14ºF to 113ºF)
    Storage Temperature -25ºC to 60ºC (-13ºF to 140ºF)
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