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We offer composites focused inspection methods like Ultrasound, Phased Array, Infrared, Laser Shearography and others, staying flexible to the needs of the application.


Need help figuring out what methods or technology you need? We offer consulting services to help you meet your inspection and quality goals. With experience working with most methods and equipment retailers we help you navigate the world of NDT.

application support

Need help with a specific application? We offer application support for those who only want help with a specific problem. We want to make sure you get only what you need.

Composite Specific Training

If you are focused on composites so should your NDT training. Composites are complex and continuously changing with new methods of manufacturing and new and advanced applications. This is why a focused and continuously evolving training program is needed to make sure you stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

NDT System Management

Starting your own in house NDT system? We use our own personal experiences in managing NDT systems to make sure you get only what you need. We take the headache out of keeping track of certification needs, training for technicians and compliance issues. Our goal is to create for you a lean and flexible NDT system that delivers only what you need at the quality you require.

Shearography Training

Large composite structures require big thinking, and even bigger solutions. If you're looking to expand your inspection certifications or even just considering a career in NDT, CICNDT offers training in Shearography/Speckle Pattern Shearing Interferometry.

Drone Inspection

CICNDT is utilizing aerial, surface, robotic technologies to provide non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections for the oil & gas, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, energy, and utility industries. Our drone program includes maintenance and inspection processes to reduce downtime and costs while making them safer and more efficient.

Auditing Services

Our consultants can aid you with a wide variety of specialist services. For example, we can augment your technical capabilities for special projects, design cost-effective and reliable procedures, or supply expert manpower to help you through particularly heavy workload periods. We can also assist you as arbitrators in examination disputes.

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About Us

At Composite Inspection and Consulting LLC, our goal is to be flexible and focused on the customers needs. Too often you see third party consulting compaines take advantage of a customer who doesn't understand the ins and outs of NDT. We strive to give the customer only what they need but at the same time looking out for them making sure they can meet future needs as well. We love what we do and hope it shines through in our work.

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Tel: +1 701 202 7918

421 Wheat Ave

Hatton, ND 58240

Equipment Sales

CIC NDT has an extensive portfolio of test equipment with advanced features for applications ranging from weld inspection to detecting hidden cracks, voids, porosity, and other internal irregularities in metals, composites, plastics, and ceramics. We can accommodate specific equipment for custom applications.

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