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About Us

At Composite Inspection and Consulting LLC, our goal is to be flexible and focused on the customers needs. Too often you see third party consulting companies take advantage of a customer who doesn't understand the ins and outs of NDT. We strive to give the customer only what they need but at the same time looking out for them making sure they can meet future needs as well. We love what we do and hope it shines through in our work.

Jeremy Heinks - Owner

Focused on Aerospace and Composites, I use my knowledge and experience to help provide customers with solutions they need and not ones that will just cost. Networking and creating new relationships are very important and a favorite part of my career field. I find team building, not just teamwork, to be challenging and very rewarding. Raising people up to their maximum potential and not just furthering my own goals brings a much greater feeling of accomplishment.

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